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More Cities added to The Neighborhood Tour!

We are excited to announce more of our fall schedule and our newly envisioned Neighborhood Tour. We hope to bring a community together around the common "shared meal" of a Night of Worship.

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The Neighborhood Tour + Conference

We are excited to announce our fall schedule and our newly envisioned Neighborhood Tour. We hope to bring a community together around the common "shared meal" of a Night of Worship. Rather than visit one BIG city, the plan is to visit 3 cities surrounding that region and encourage each community to invite other churches in their city to attend. The hope is to lean into relationships with one another; with people we see at the grocery store and who live on our streets. Let's connect face-to-face and see what happens!

On the last day, we will be holding a conference for those regional worship leaders, pastors & creative teams! It is our desire to serve you and to help you connect with each other. Sharing our stories, a meal, and creative time together will create stronger connections and stronger communities.

We will be announcing other areas in the coming weeks -- but our first stop is DALLAS REGION!

Dallas Area! We are making our first stop on the Neighborhood Tour in YOUR region. Check out the video to learn more about each night of worship and read below to learn more about the Neighborhood Tour Conference for worship leaders and creative teams! Hope to see you there!

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New Album!

Available Worldwide

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A little boom crash with Ed earlier today...
1:06 PM Jul 14th
shooting some song tutorial videos today with @leifskartland . he always goes the extra mile to get the best shot!
4:26 PM Jun 30th
when the oreos are free, zach will take them all. #pleaseandthankyou #airtranfirstclass
9:29 AM Jun 18th
Amazing time in Scotland! Thanks to @steviecgunscrawf for bringing us over! Can't wait to go back!
11:03 AM Jun 1st
did an interview in the woods in Northern Ireland with some amazing folks this morning!
6:50 AM May 29th
Amazing day with Big Church Day Out!! Our first time in the UK and we've felt so loved! Thanks for worshipping with us today!
12:21 PM May 25th
Available NOW on iTunes!! (Link in profile)
3:58 AM May 6th
Overture // Part Two #May6th #SelfTitled #AllSonsAndDaughters (Link in profile)
5:41 AM Apr 25th
Overture // Part One #AllSonsAndDaughters #SelfTitled #May6 (Link in Profile)
5:21 AM Apr 22nd
listening through the new record with @chadcopelin ! always love having his genius on our projects!
11:10 AM Apr 11th
“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. (Isaiah 60:1 NIV)
5:53 AM Apr 7th
Malibu, you are beautiful! Excited to worship with your community & Pepperdine University tonight!
1:52 PM Apr 6th
it's the final leg of the tour! hope to see you in one of these fine cities!
6:09 AM Apr 5th
Will you stand with us as we partner with @feed One and work to eradicate world hunger?
1:14 PM Apr 2nd
warm-ups in Aledo
7:36 PM Mar 30th
Waco, TX - tonight at 8:00pm at Common Grounds
11:12 AM Mar 29th
@sethtalley took liberties with assigning tour responsibilities! I especially like @JamieGeorge24 's job - "Yoda"
4:27 PM Mar 27th
Texas, AZ, and California!!! We are coming for ya this weekend! Excited for these nights of worship. Check our site for a complete list of tour dates.
10:52 AM Mar 25th
putting the final touches on the new record with @shanedwilson & @paulmabury
12:12 PM Mar 19th
An afternoon at Lambeau Field!
12:54 PM Mar 14th





@BonLifeCoffee thanks for the great coffee!
Feb 3rd
we had a full week of songwriting with some great @hillsong folks & then adventures in NZ with #FestivalOne2016 !
Jan 30th
Jan 29th
En route to New Zealand for the first time - heading to #FESTIVALONE2016 - and we couldn't be more excited!
Jan 23rd
ORLANDO!! tonight we are in Apopka at Forest Lake Church for our first Night of Worship in 2016! can't wait to see you tonight at 7pm.
Jan 18th
If you are in Houston tonight, you shouldn't miss this!!
Jan 14th
@SouthwestAir just sent a DM! thanks :)
Dec 28th
@DeltaAssist your agent, Franz, in Atlanta is doing everything he can to help us! thankful for his help :)
Dec 28th
@SouthwestAir we have had a crazy two days of travel on another airline and cancelled flights and she's getting us home tomorrow! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Dec 28th
Hey @SouthwestAir I want to brag on your customer service rep, Carrie Ann from Arizona! she turned our whole day around! so helpful, so kind
Dec 28th

Tour Dates

7:00 PM
Des Moines, IA
Grace Church
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
$10 Student / $12 Staff / $15 General Admission
Oakville, ON, Canada
The Meeting House
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
$12 Group / $15 General Admission / 420 Gold Circle
7:00 PM
$10 / $15 / $18
7:00 PM
$15 Early Bird / $17 Advance / $ 20 Day of Show
$12 adv / $15
Cape Girardeau, MO
LaCroix UMC