We are so excited to offer you the iTunes LP Experience for "Live", releasing on April 23rd. We wanted to give you a quick description of what you can expect from this experience and some ways to utilize all of its amazing features!

Let's get started!

Once you've purchased the LP you will be able to click on the album cover in your Library and select "PLAY iTUNES LP" under the title. It will take you to the Home page of the LP.

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The Home Page is where you will begin all of your navigation. It has multiple options for exploring content as well as direct links to our Facebook, Twitter, and website.


The PLAY page is actually a feature where you can listen straight through the album. You'll remain on the home page while iTunes plays through the complete album.

The second page is labeled SONGS. It displays the entire track listing so that you can choose individual songs to play


At the bottom of the SONGS page is a link to WORK TAPES. This is a little secret that only those who purchase the LP get to experience! Click on that and you'll be able to listen to the original work tapes (demos) of some of our songs.

These work tapes were recorded during the writing sessions and include All the Poor & Powerless, Rising Sun, Reason to Sing, and Find You (aka Oh How I Need You pre-Paul M.) These are exciting additions that we hope you enjoy!


Back on the Home Page you will find the page titled CHORD CHARTS. This page allows worship leaders and musicians to read and download chord charts for every song on the album!


The full movie of the night of worship will be released through iTunes on the same date as the LP. Those who choose to purchase the LP will receive seven of the 17 videos from the night including the Intro, five songs, and the credits! Those will be found on the VIDEOS page. If you are interested in buying the whole movie, you can find that in the Movies section of iTunes or you can order the CD/DVD Combo through our online store allsonsanddaughters.com/store. It's important to note that iTunes will be the only place you'll be able to find the movie in HD. The physical copy of the CD/DVD Combo will only be released in the Standard Definition format.


We've also included select photos from our week preparing, rehearsing and recording "Live" on the PHOTOS page. Our dear friend Robby Klein hung around to document the process.


We finish up with the CREDITS page, our website and social media information!


We really hope you enjoy the iTunes LP Experience - thank you so much for checking it out! Click below to Pre-Order NOW!