All Sons & Daughters Artwork


There is a spirit of mystery that lies just beneath the surface of understanding. A brokenness that clings to the hope of wholeness. A foundation that is built on truth, beauty, justice and community.

Her story intersects with ours. With Journey. With Jesus.
We share a passion for things seen and unseen.
In an eloquent explanation of what brings her art to life, Deeann Reives shapes for us a parallel illustration to our journey through musical expression.

In nature, colors and textures thrive or subdue during their life cycle, and my inspiration derives from the transitions that happen during this process. Leaves have subtle discolorations and flaws that create fascinating organic forms in contrast against rigid lines from disintegration or broken edges held together by a delicate framework of veins. I am most interested in this display of growth and decay because of how intimately it speaks of change.

deeann 2

When discussing the direction for the artwork for All Sons & Daughters, we were drawn to Deeann's "Fragments" series. As she described, growth and decay speak intimately of change. Over the last four years, we (David & Leslie) have grown together not only with our church, but as a band. Seasons have come and passed, and our song to the Lord is ever-changing. But with each new song, will always be the reminiscent textures of the past. Reminding us that our foundation is that of truth. The songs of brokenness and pain have given way to songs of faith and redemption. The songs of waking up and longing have only increased our desire to match our gaze with God's.

As we emerge from our past and into our present, our hope is to see art and music join together as one worshipful expression from countless worshippers. For we are all sons and daughters.

Painting by Deeann Rieves http://www.deeannrieves.com
Design by Joe Cavazos http://www.joecavazos.com

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