An update from All Sons & Daughters

Dear friends & family,

As you know, we took last year off the road to rest, pray and dream about what was next for All Sons & Daughters. We spent the first half of the year wrestling through the initial shock of being off the road after 7 years, celebrating Poets & Saints at the Grammy's, and diving in to our individual dreams and plans at home. Each time we came together to talk about the future of All Sons & Daughters, we struggled to gain a clear picture. Since the beginning, our music was birthed from and written for our local church. While David is still involved with Journey church, last December Leslie and her husband Thomas felt led out of that community. With that as our reality, we were struggling to find the heartbeat for new music. And while we could continue to write songs for the "global church," we feel that is not true to our original vision for the band.

So, after much prayer and consideration, we have decided that our season as a band has come to an end. This decision was not made in haste or out of any discontentment with one another. We still have the utmost respect for each other and will continue to champion one another into whatever the Lord calls us. Our involvement in music and in one another's lives will not wane; it will just look different from the previous season.

We want to say thank YOU for your unending support of the music and content we have created over the past 7+ years. We didn't anticipate many of the opportunities we were given but just tried to walk in obedience through each open door. Many of those doors led us to your cities, neighborhoods, and churches and we are so grateful to you for welcoming us with open arms!

Lastly, in celebration of our season together, our friends at Integrity Music will be releasing a collection of AS&D songs, so be on the lookout for that in March.

We pray that God will continue His beautiful work in the church and we can't wait to see what the next season holds.

With love,
Leslie Jordan & David Leonard


Poets & Saints

Poets & Saints, along with a companion book penned by our pastor Jamie George, curriculum and a study guide will take you on an epic journey into the lives and stories of a handful of Christ-followers God used to wake up the world. Last summer a group of us ventured to Europe to trace the lives of C.S. Lewis, John Newton, Saint Therese, Saint Francis, William Cowper, Saint Augustine, George MacDonald, and many more; mining for undiscovered gems, something God could use to connect these individuals to modern believers.

Available now:
Curriculum: A Community Experience


Poets & Saints Tour

Join us this fall as we share new songs from Poets & Saints.

We're also excited to have our friends Sandra McCracken & Jamie George out with us.

2016 Tour Dates - get tickets HERE

9/15 - Chandler, AZ
9/16 - Redlands, CA
9/17 - Santa Ana, CA
9/19 - Sacramento, CA
9/20 - Redding, CA
9/22 - Portland, OR
9/23 - Spokane, WA
9/24 - Edmonds, WA
10/3 - Atlanta, GA
10/17 - Holland, MI
10/18 - St. Charles, IL
10/20 - Maple Grove, MN
10/21 - Des Moines, IA
10/27 - Raleigh, NC
10/29 - Massapequa, NY
10/30 - Chadds Ford, PA
11/7 - Houston, TX
11/9 - San Antonio, TX
11/10 - Richardson, TX
11/11 - Waco, TX
11/13 - Cordova, TN
11/14 - Birmingham, AL



In late June we took a trip to Europe to prepare for our next record. We traveled through Ireland, England, France and Italy. On our way to Paris we stopped at Omaha Beach and sang Great Are You Lord. It was beautiful and surreal and we captured it on film​.

Then, two months ago on September 10th, we sat in a room with our producer Paul Mabury and tried to bring a song to life about a city we had recently visited and fallen in love with. Paris is the city of art. The city of love. A city with a rich history of both light and dark.

This is what we wrote.

You are my refuge
You are my hope
Constant and safe
My home

You are my shelter
I will not fear
Even in darkness
You're here

We weren't aware of what would happen on November 13th. We couldn't fathom the horror.

As we began the production of this record & pulled up the songwriting session from that day in September, we were overwhelmed by the prophetic & timely nature of the song. So we wanted to give it away.

A prayer for those who are in mourning.
A prayer for those still in fear.
A prayer for strength and courage.
A prayer for those seeking refuge

This is Paris.

Download from Noisetrade HERE or listen below.

You can also watch "Great Are You Lord" from Omaha Beach below.


More Cities added to The Neighborhood Tour!

We are excited to announce more of our fall schedule and our newly envisioned Neighborhood Tour. We hope to bring a community together around the common "shared meal" of a Night of Worship.

For anyone who missed our first announcement, rather than visit one BIG city, the plan is to visit cities surrounding that region and encourage each community to invite other churches in their city to attend. The hope is to lean into relationships with one another; with people we see at the grocery store and who live on our streets. Let's connect face-to-face and see what happens!

On the last day, we will be holding a conference for those regional worship leaders, pastors & creative teams! It is our desire to serve you and to help you connect with each other. Sharing our stories, a meal, and creative time together will create stronger connections and stronger communities.

Our next stops on The Neighborhood Tour - Los Angeles and Chicago Areas. We'll also be announcing more dates soon!

Get tickets HERE!

Aug. 24 - Ardmore, OK - Concert
Aug. 25 - Waco, TX - Concert
Aug.26 - Dallas, TX - Concert
Aug. 27 - Dallas, TX - Conference
Sept. 17 - Glendora, CA - Concert
Sept. 18 - Glendora, CA - Conference
Sept. 29 - Deerfield, IL
Oct. 1 - Naperville, IL - Concert
Oct. 2 - Naperville, IL - Conference

Check out the video to learn more about each night of worship and read below to learn more about the Neighborhood Tour Conference for worship leaders and creative teams! Hope to see you there!


On the last day of The Neighborhood Tour in each area, All Sons & Daughters will bring some of their best friends and provide a day-long conference for pastors, worship leaders and creative teams from that city and its suburbs. Here is the tentative outline:

8:30am Registration
9:00am Welcome & Worship
9:30am Session I
10:30am Break
10:45am Session II
11:45am Lunch (provided at venue)
12:45pm Session III
1:45pm Break
2:00pm Panel Discussion & Closing Worship
3:00pm Dismissal

Each session will have 2-3 options for breakouts including but not limited to:

Pastor/worship leader relationship
Musical worship leading
Band/team dynamics
Visual Worship (lighting, projection, lyrics)
Audio Engineering & Design
Worship design/instruction
Unity among creative teams

For more information: allsonsanddaughters.com/neighborhoodtour