Feed One


Mother Teresa once said, "If you can't feed 100 people, then just feed one." We have taken her words to heart. We are the most interconnected, compassionate, globally-minded generation in history. As a result, for the first time in human history, ending hunger is truly possible. We believe together we can do it in a generation, one person at a time.

For just $10 a month you can feed one child for an entire month. How, you might ask? Well, each year corporations donate tens of millions of dollars' worth of food and supplies to Convoy of Hope. As a result, every dollar donated to Convoy of Hope's Feed the World Fund is leveraged into more food, water and supplies for those who need it the most.

Every child in a feedOne approved feeding initiative receives so much more than food. Children are fed through schools and orphanages committed to the complete holistic development of a child - changing a generation.

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Hands & Feet Project


Hands & Feet Project

In 2004, Audio Adrenaline started the Hands & Feet Project in response to fan's reaction to their hit song, "Hands & Feet." H&F Project is a non-profit dedicated to providing long-term, family-style care for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. When I began attending Journey Church in 2008, I was introduced to Mark Stuart and Will McGinnis (of Audio Adrenaline). Over the past 5 years, David and I have gotten to know Mark and Will and their families through serving our church together and by partnering with the Know Hope Collective for a season to bring awareness to the H&F Project.

When All Sons & Daughters emerged from within our church family, we continued our relationship with Mark & Will and their efforts in Haiti. Our hearts were tied closely to the Project and how it was changing the way of orphan care in Haiti. We desired to know how we could help so in January of 2013, we took our first trip to visit the orphanages (in Jacmel and in Grand Goave) to get to know these amazing children!

I met Kettia in Grand Goave. She was sharp and she clearly loved to serve! She had a warmth that broke through our language barrier. I watched as the guys played soccer with Joel. He was so quick and talented that his house parents shared with us his bright future in academics and soccer. I remember Edmond in Jacmel. He had just come home from school with his backpack sagging off and his ball cap slightly crooked. He caught my eye and grabbed my hand. I held Jonas; an 8 month old who was the newest member of H&F Jacmel. I played with Melissa who was full of laughter and also seemed a bit mischievous! Each child gripped our attention as they walked past us, but they weren't begging for it. That was something new and so encouraging. Orphans who were being loved well to the point that they weren't in need of a stranger's attention.

As we spent time at each home, we were educated on the family-style living at H&F. Each house has a housemother. And each housemother has 6-9 children under her care. Each child has chores and responsibilities as they would in any other family home. They are instructed to finish schoolwork before they are allowed to play outside. They belong to each other. They belong.

We and the folks at H&F Project believe this style of orphan-care is not only changing the lives of these children, but also changing the future of their country. Leaders will emerge from these families. They will be healthy and loved deeply and in turn will hopefully love others deeply.

It didn't take long to fall in love with the children and adults at the H&F Project. In the spring of 2013, we began our partnership! Here is where you come in - H&F is all about building community and so they created Family Rooms where children are sponsored by a group of 10 people. We as All Sons & Daughters are a part of 4 family rooms and want to invite you to consider joining us!

Check out this video below to hear more about Family Rooms!

For $30 a month, you will be a part of a beautiful story that is unfolding for one of these amazing children. Your child's Family Room is connected to Facebook and once you join, you will begin to receive weekly or bi-weekly updates and photos. You also have the opportunity to interact with me and David as well as the rest of your child's Family Room sponsors.

As you pray about joining us, please click on the image below and follow the instructions to becoming a member of our H&F Family Rooms! We hope to see you there.